Crafting a Sustainable Future

Sustainability holds diverse meanings for businesses. It's a core value for some, a transformation in product creation and sales for others, and a drive to minimize waste and enhance operational efficiency for many. Regardless of your interpretation of sustainability, we stand ready to tailor solutions to steer you toward a more environmentally-conscious future. Our team of experts seamlessly blends our customized manufacturing prowess, a vast supplier network, comprehensive automation solutions, and an array of complementary services. This integration results in eco-friendly adhesive product solutions that not only cut down on waste but also preserve resources, all while ensuring our customers remain competitive in their markets.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Our Commitment:

At Kingnode, we are dedicated to safeguarding our environment to create a secure workspace for employees and to manufacture top-quality products responsibly.

Our Goals:

In a world increasingly focused on environmental awareness and plastic bans, we are innovating in management and investing in eco-friendly products. With a global vision, we aspire to establish an enduring international brand, turning an eco-conscious world into a reality. Guided by our core values - innovation, quality, and exceptional service, our goal is to provide a platform for our talents, create value for our clients, and contribute to society.

Our Products

Our Commitment:

Our kraft tape, certified plastic-free with RoHS compliance, underscores our commitment to safety and the environment. We continuously advance our materials to ensure both safety and quality.

Our Progress:

The raw material used Kraft paper tape is environmentally friendly and degradable, causing no additional impact on the environment. We are enhancing our production process and technologies to achieve sustainable devlopment goal.

Our People

Our Commitment:

Our company is more than just a family; it's a community

Our Actions:

At Kingnode, Our goal is to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities and to welcome more talent joining our family, fostering collective development. Through our talent development programs, members of our community gain the confidence and capabilities they need to meet the challenges ahead.

Our Energy

Our Commitment:

Reduce non-renewable energy sources and overall energy consumption.

Our Progress:

Our dedication lies in curbing packaging waste, reducing production waste emissions, promoting reuse. In 2022, our headquarters installed distributed solar photovoltaic systems, generating over 50% eco-friendly energy for our production, reducing carbon emissions, and taking tangible steps to contribute to the conservation of the planet's energy.

Sustainable Solutions That Build Sustainable
Long-Term Relationships.
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