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In the field of aviation, it is crucial to use adhesive products correctly. Apart from requiring professional adhesive techniques, there are also strict requirements for adhesive tape materials.
For aerospace applications, using ordinary adhesive products can potentially lead to significant losses. To effectively address this issue, it is recommended to use Kingnode brand filament tape, which is with features of wear-resistant, anti-aging, highly flame-retardant, and leaves no glue residual. This can reduce the frequency of replacements and effectively protect the surfaces of the cabin and cargo compartments from scratches which caused by moving goods and luggage. Our tape is also suitable for double-sided bonding of carpets inside the aircraft or for applications in aircraft cargo compartments and other Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) services. It providing a sealing effect, and is convenient to replace at any time. In the event of a fire, due to the wear-resistant and flame-retardant properties of the product, it can isolate the rest of the aircraft and prevent the spread of fire. The tape meets all the requirements for flame retardancy, as it is composed of flame-retardant acrylic adhesive and glass fiber cloth, providing superior product performance and flame-retardant properties.