Heavy ltems Delivery

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Whether you are engaged in e-commerce or retail, dealing with the packaging and transportation of heavy items presents a challenge. How can we ensure effective protection of items and outer packaging for heavy goods during logistics and transit process?
We recommend you to use our reinforced water activated kraft paper tape or filament tape for box sealing.
Reinforced water activated kraft paper tapes have features of environmentally friendly, degradable, strong adhesion, high tensile strength, and theft resistance, etc. Filament tape possesses excellent strength, tensile resistance, and wear resistance, which can prevent damage to the outer packaging during transportation. This reduces losses due to customer dissatisfaction. It can also immediately enhance customer satisfaction, leading to more business opportunities. Both products can be customized with branded logo printed on the tape to enhance your company's brand image.
By using Kingnode's intelligent gummed paper tape dispenser and fully automatic case sealer, the efficiency of sealing work can be effectively improved, while material waste can be reduced. With Kingnode's gummed tape dispenser, the automatic tape feeding function allows for rapid sealing solutions, as the first piece of tape is cut off from the machine after a set length, the second piece of tape will be automatically fed, providing a speedy sealing process.