Bridge Construction

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In the field of bridge construction, filament tape is commonly used for the following purposes:
Enclosure and Protection: Used to enclose and protect temporary structures and exposed components in bridge construction to prevent materials or equipment from being damaged by external environmental factors.
Fixation and Reinforcement: Filament tape can be used to secure and reinforce temporary support structures such as shoring, formwork, and scaffolding, ensuring safety and stability during construction.
Temporary Repairs: When temporary structures or components in bridge construction damaged or become loose, filament tape can be used for quick temporary repairs to keep the project progressing smoothly.
Marking and Guidance: Filament tape can be used for marking and guidance, indicating temporary construction areas, safety warnings, and guiding the movement of workers and vehicles.
The large-span cable tensioning poses a significant challenge for bridge construction workers,. Effectively taping and bundling the steel cables can reduce resistance and hazards during the construction process. Using high tensile strength and ultra-high elongation tape for bundling and fixation can enhance construction efficiency. Bridge builders should choose the tape with high tensile strength and exceptional elongation resistance to secure the cables, improving work continuity and effectively reducing unsafe factors during the pulling process. In bridge construction projects, the durability and versatility of filament tape make it a commonly used material for temporary fixation and repairs, providing a convenient solution for construction crews. Choosing Kingnode® professional bundling tape for wrapping and securing the steel cables of the bridge's main body results in no glue residual, earning consistent praise from bridge construction workers.