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Using filament tape in furniture bundling can help secure and protect furniture items during shipping and transportation. Here's how to use it effectively:Bundling Components: When shipping furniture components or parts, use the filament tape to securely bundle them together. Wrap the tape around the components to create a tight and secure package that prevents movement and protects the surfaces from scratches or damage.Securing Drawers and Doors: For furniture items such as cabinets or dressers, use the tape to secure drawers and doors during transit. This helps prevent un intended opening and potential damage during handling.Reinforcing Edges: Apply the tape along the edges of furniture pieces to provide additional reinforcement and protection. This is especially useful for items with delicate or vulnerable edges.Palletizing: When palletizing furniture items for shipping, use the filament tape to secure the items to the pallet. This provides extra security during transit and prevents shifting. Label Fixation: The filament tape can also be used to attach labels or shipping documents securely to the furniture items, ensuring clear identification throughout the shipping process.