Tamper-Evident Packaging
Tampered Packages Or Lost Items Are Damaging Your Brand
Customers are disappointed when they receive their package and discover that the package has been tampered with and that the item is likely to be replaced. A bad experience will cause customers to request refunds and exchanges, and even give negative reviews mercilessly. This might have a negative impact on your company's reputation and generate economic losses. Choose water-activated tape to avoid problems with damaged packaging and tampering or theft.
Choose More Secure Tape for Sealing
As the water-activated kraft tape bonds deep into cartons, any tampering immediately becomes visible, making it a deterrent for thieves. Traditional plastic tapes, by contrast, only adhere to the surface, which means it is easy to unstick them and access goods inside, and reapply the tape without evidence of tampering.
Water-Activated Tape Forms a Tight Seal
When applied to corrugated cartons, water-activated tape forms a permanent bond that cannot be recovered once opened by others. The package's security will be ensured both throughout logistics and delivery. Any attempt to remove the tape or open the carton using common methods such as peeling off plastic tape will leave direct evidence of tampering and begins to be tracked in the next session. Not only does this help with insurance and early reporting of tampering, but it helps to deter thieves in the first place. Knowing there is no easy access to parcels stops opportunistic thievery.