Packaging Industry

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Filament tape and kraft paper tape are commonly used in the packaging industry for various purposes. Here's how they are utilized:
Filament Tape:
Securing Heavy Packages: The tape is used to reinforce and secure heavy packages, providing additional strength and stability during transportation and handling.
Bundling and Strapping: It is utilized for bundling and strapping packages together, especially bulky or irregularly shaped items, to prevent shifting and ensure secure packaging.
Kraft Paper Tape:
Environmentally Friendly Sealing: Kraft paper tape is an eco-friendly alternative for sealing packages. It provides a secure seal while being biodegradable and recyclable.
Carton Sealing: It is commonly used for sealing cartons and boxes, offering good adhesion to a variety of surfaces and effectively securing package contents.
Both types of tape offer reliable and versatile solutions for packaging needs, catering to different strengths and sealing requirements.