Improve Packaging Efficiency
How to Improve Your Packaging Productivity
Efficient packaging and sealing is the key to improving the packaging productivity of warehouses.
Wet water kraft tape adheres to the carton, helping to prevent carton breakage, tampering and loss of items and enhance the image of your packaging. You only need a piece of tape to seal the box securely, improving packaging efficiency and reducing labor costs.
Which Is More Productive for Carton Sealing?
Water-activated tape dispensers are a good option. Using a hand-held tape gun can be time-consuming and ineffective in high-volume packaging operations. While Water-activated kraft tape dispensers can increase packaging productivity.
How Does the Water-activated Tape Dispenser Improve Packaging Productivity?
Water-activated tape dispensers relieve job weariness and occupational health issues caused by repeated motion in high-volume packaging operations. A water-activated tape dispenser wets and cuts the tape so that packers can then simply take the tape and apply it to packages, making the process smooth and quick to execute. Adhering water-activated tape to cartons helps prevent carton breakage, tampering, and lost items, and enhances the image of your packaging. All you need is one strip of tape to seal the carton securely, increasing packaging productivity and reducing labor costs.