Upgrade Warehouse Packer Safety
Far More Fatigue with Hand-Held Tape Guns
Packers who use manual tape dispensers are prone to repetitive motion ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome. Packer fatigue can occur during the workday while a handheld plastic tape dispenser with a roll of tape weighs about 3 pounds, especially in high-volume warehouse and shipping situations.
Reduce Repetitive Stress And Improve Packaging Efficiency with A Intelligent Dispenser
Continuously repeated work is tend to result in occupational injury, and occupational injury is more likely to result in compensation claims. Physical trauma from repetitive work injuries often requires surgery. In addition to causing unnecessary physical pain and trauma to employees, which is costly to employees and employers. Employees face increased medical expenditures and the possibility of losing future income, while employers have to choose to replace employees when they are unable to work.

Many e-commerce companies have switched from tape guns to water-activated kraft tape dispensers for packaging and sealing in order to keep packers safe and reduce compensation claims.