Endure Extreme Environments
How to Keep Your Packaging Safe in Changing Weather
All kinds of weather will happen. Your sealed carton can sometimes go through a long journey on the way to your customer's location. High temperatures, low temperatures, humidity and dust create challenges for transportation. Will the tape you use remain sealed and keep the product safe when exposed to various weather conditions? If you seal the carton with plastic tape, your carton is at risk. The plastic tape sits on top of the corrugated cardboard box, so it won't create a strong seal and won't be tamper-proof. Even under ideal environmental conditions, the plastic tape can lead to theft.
Using Water-Activated Tape to Withstand Any Environment Is the Solution
Independent testing has shown the retention of water-activated tape compared to the plastic tape:
Help maintain carton integrity
No peeling under ambient pressure
Withstand compression testing

Using water-activated and reinforced tape, cartons arrive at customers intact, even in extreme environments such as sleet, snow, dust, and heat. Customers are consistently satisfied with the delivery of their orders and the quality provided by your company.