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In the automotive industry, filament tape is commonly used for the following purposes:
Packaging and Securing Components: Used for packaging and securing automotive components, such as plastic (GFRP) parts or other components that require fixation during production, transportation, or storage.
Reinforcement of Vehicle Structures: In automotive manufacturing process, filament tape is commonly used to reinforce the connections in vehicle structures, providing additional strength and support, especially in cases requiring temporary repairs or maintenance.
Securing Electric Wires and Piping: Within the interior of vehicles, filament tape can be used to secure wires, piping, and other equipment, ensuring the stability and safety during driving.
Emergency Repairs and Temporary Fixation: In the event of unexpected damage during operation, filament tape can serve as a quick and effective emergency repair solution, ensuring vehicle safety and providing temporary fixation when needed.
When using filament tape, it's important to select high-quality tape that meets automotive industry standards and to strictly adhere to relevant guidelines to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products.